Epilepsy in cats: Are they like dogs?

Epilepsy in Cats: Theory and Practice

A. Pakozdy, P. Halasz, A. Klang

The veterinary literature on epilepsy in cats is less extensive than that for dogs. The present review summarizes the most important human definitions related to epilepsy and discusses the difficulties in applying them in daily veterinary practice. Epileptic seizures can have a wide range of clinical signs and are not necessarily typical in all cases. Whether a seizure event is epileptic can only be suspected based on clinical, laboratory, and neuroimaging findings as electroencephalography diagnostic techniques have not yet been developed to a sufficiently accurate level in veterinary medicine. In addition, the present review aims to describe other diagnoses and nonepileptic conditions that might be mistaken for epileptic seizures. Seizures associated with hippocampal lesions are described and discussed extensively, as they seem to be a special entity only recognized in the past few years. Furthermore, we focus on clinical work-up and on treatment that can be recommended based on the literature and summarize the limited data available relating to the outcome. Critical commentary is provided as most studies are based on very weak evidence

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Here you have a video and the MRI of a cat with epilepsy secondary to a vascular episode from @ ane.neuro

#63 Willow the stunning cat during a #seizure. Willow had an MRI performed and we discovered an old stroke. Was it the origin of the seizures? Maybe, maybe not…. We couldn't find an underlying disease related to the old stroke and he was started on phenobarbital. Remember that cats are intolerant to KBr!. We still use these old antiepileptic drugs in dogs and cats because they are very effective, and the fancy new ones that humans use, don't work pharmacokinetic wise so well with pets. Do I use other antiepileptic? Yes indeed! What do you use?!#catfit #epilepticcat #mri #cat #catowner #catlady #braincat #stroke #veterinaire #vetsmed #vetstudent #vettech #vetschool #veterinarymedicine #epilepsy #epilepsyawareness #petowner #ragdoll #ragdollcat #drugcat #phenobarbital #antiepileptic #vascular #sickcat #recovery #treatment

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